Elements Interior Design: Creation of a room following the principles of Hygge Living

‘Hygge’ is about enjoying the simple and good parts of life, alone or together with people you care about. The Danes have this down to a fine art and in fact time and time again Denmark has been voted one of the top three happiest places to live. So why don’t we take a leaf out of their book and embrace that way of living too, taking time out and having ‘quality white space’ in ones hectic diary.

This room was created in collaboration with an architect to extend out into the garden and bring in plenty of natural light. The room has an apex glass roof, which offers great height and a wonderful brightness which feels good even on a grey day. A bespoke sofa was made to an exact specification, with the arm on the chaise end dropping down in line with the first tall section of glass and the foot in line with the second pane to maintain an uninterrupted view into the garden. A coffee table with organic curves was made up from our own design using steam bent wood and stained in a rich nutty colour.

Whether it’s a space just for you, or to share with others why not create your own Hygge space. Think about what it is you like about picnics, country walks or even sleeping in the great outdoors, and what it is that makes you feel good. Then try and replicate that feeling in an indoor space – being connected with nature, enjoying being cosy around fires and surrounded by living plants and soft colours and textures. Also think sustainability and being more green, recycle pieces of furniture and junk shop finds and create a totally individual space. If you’re lucky enough to start from scratch with your Hygge space, involve an architect and interior designer to assist you, incorporate generous size windows with views stretching to the sky. There will be no going back ………

(P.S If you wish to indulge in a cashmere/merino wall throw we are able to supply these, and trust us when we say these are super, super soft)

Cashmere and merino throws for total indulgence

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